A Sentence with the Word Contract in It

Note: Sealed contracts were used long before the consideration requirement was developed. Originally, they were usually impressed by an actual seal, but today, the word seal, the abbreviation L.S., or words like “signed and sealed” or “testify to my seal” can take the place of the seal. However, without a clear indication of the intention of the parties, the presence of a seal, such as . B a company seal is not enough to create a contract under seal. Sealed contracts have a much longer limitation period than counterparty-based contracts. Note: Contracts must be entered into by parties with the necessary abilities (such as age or mental solidity) and must have a legal and non-criminal purpose. Except in Louisiana, a valid treaty also requires consideration, reciprocity of obligations, and a meeting of minds. In Louisiana, in addition to capacity and legal purpose, a valid contract requires the consent of the parties and a reason for the contract. — also called contract implicitly, implicitly in fact contract Middle English, from Anglo-French, Latin contractus, contrahere pull together, make a contract, reduce, from com- + trahere to draw contract, shrink, condense, compress, constrict, empty medium in mass or volume.

The contract refers to a contraction of surfaces or particles or a reduction in surface area or length. causes their muscles to contract, which involves a contraction or loss of material and puts a strain on falling below the original dimensions. The sweater shrinks when washed condensed, implying a reduction from something homogeneous to greater compactness without significant loss of content. Compressing the attachment to a heel compress involves pressing on a small compass and some shape, usually against resistance. cotton compressed into bales shrinks and involves tightening that reduces the diameter. The neck is narrowed by a narrow collar, which implies a contraction by reducing the internal pressure of the air or gas contained. The soldier signed a contract stating that he would serve in the U.S. Army for the next four years. ?The former client threw the contract in the trash and decided he would not sign another long deal. ? The singer`s contract stipulates that she will receive 70% of the total profit, while the record company is entitled to the rest. ? Latin contractus de contrahere to gather, to conclude (a relationship or agreement), to sign com- with, together + trahere Although it was not in writing, the partners had an oral contract that allowed them both to make business decisions. ? Britannica.com: Lexique article on the contract After signing the lease, the tenants quickly regretted the agreement.

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