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Hi, my name is Paul Baldwin. Consider Integrity Homebuilding Solutions my resume.

I have worked in residential and light commercial construction since 1972. I have worn the hat of; laborer, subcontractor, field supervisor, land development supervisor, warranty mechanic, warranty manager, sales rep, team-building facilitator, construction consultant, and operations manager.   Employers have included a national production builder, local custom builders and an entrepreneurial homebuilder in Warsaw, Poland.

My passion is to improve the logistics of homebuilding by constantly refining and improving the systems and processes that we as builders use every day.  My extensive work history has allowed me some great experiences and insights.  For example, working with a national homebuilding company grows organizational skills, working with custom builders allow you to think out of the box, and the work in Poland provides a reminder of the importance of good communication within all facets of the homebuilding industry.

Integrity Homebuilding Systems (later changed to Integrity Homebuilding Solutions) was started in 1994 when I was approached by a Fulbright scholar and entrepreneur from Warsaw, Poland. He asked me to assist him with his goal of bringing Western style homes, building practices and materials to the Warsaw suburbs.  This unique project began with aiding in the design of duplex plan (from an existing townhouse plan) that would allow most shell and many of the interior finish materials to be shipped to Poland. This project included selecting materials, doing takeoffs, lining up vendors working with the shipping contractor. It culminated with a hands-on trip to Poland to teach western wood framing methods to the client’s crew.  See photos and more details of the Warsaw project here.  (It didn’t take long for things to improve enough so western building materials could be purchased in Poland for less than the cost of shipping materials from the USA. Integrity was put on the shelf as I worked with local NYS homebuilders.

Since leaving full time builder employment, the focus of Integrity has changed. Today Integrity offers a variety of innovative organizational products and services to assist homebuilders, contractors, vendors and new homebuyers with the building process. There are no magic bullets, there is not “that one last thing” that will make homebuilding problem-free, or double its sales. The systems, solutions and innovations offered on this site are like pieces of a puzzle, they work best when all pieces fit together.  My goal is to help raise the bar of quality and satisfaction for all involved in the building of a new home.

Browse the pages on this site, or at WikiHomebuilding.com, a site dedicated to improving the homebuilding experience,  to see if there might be a way I can help with your next homebuilding project.

Thank you for stopping by!

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