Agreement for Book Cover Design

Very informative article, Kathryn. Good to know points, especially since I am guilty of accepting, since I paid for the coverage, I own it. As they say, ignorance of the law is not an excuse, thank you for the warning. 5. In the case of images provided by the Client for use in the Project, the Client acknowledges that it has obtained all rights and permissions to publish Materials for use in the Project and is solely responsible for the Material and the validity of the copyrights, trademarks and proprietary rights claimed by the Client. Customer agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Triumph Book Covers from and against all actions in violation of copyright and permissions arising from materials provided by Customer. The book material provided by the client must not be a work in the public domain (unless the client is the original author). I see pictures of my warship on clothes. I do not think they had to get any rights. I want to use an archival photo for a book cover.

When Chuck Wendig changed publishers for his Miriam Black series, his books were reissued with new covers. CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES Customers are advised to allow a reasonable amount of time between the commissioning of a cover design and the proposed release date so that the appropriate work can be created. assumes no responsibility for costs incurred by the customer due to delays in publication dates, and all dates provided are approximate and may vary due to the nature of the creation process. It is the customer`s responsibility to order a proof copy of his cover from his printer before offering his book for sale. In the event of any problems or expenses incurred by the Customer in connection with the use of the Cover Design, assumes no financial or legal responsibility for them. The customer must provide a full-size model of their printer or editor to which the final design can be customized so that can create the file ready to print. The costs indicated for our services do not include the production of final printing models. can create such templates in exceptional cases, only by prior agreement and at an additional cost.

The client undertakes to pay the artist all amounts due, which, depending on the complexity, may differ from the artist`s initial estimate and all other payments (e.B. images art graphic database). Fifty percent (50%) are payable upon signing this Agreement, with the balance due within seven (7) business days of the author`s approval of the final cover design. Payment is made by PayPal. The final coverage templates will be made available to the customer after receipt of the final payment. Question, I would like to self-publish my book Young Adult Fiction in the coming months. For the cover, I plan to hire a photographer (friend) to take a picture of models (family and friends) to use as the cover of my book. The models will be minor and I just want to show the back of their heads/bodies for the image used.

The photo may also be used for my website, flyers, promotional materials and other related purposes or sales. I also have the same question. Canva generates 3Book covers with 2250×1410 pixels. Does this mean that Canva-generated e-book covers cannot be used for e-books under the 480,000-pixel licensing restriction? So what`s the point of providing this feature? PROPRIETARY RIGHTS Upon receipt of final payment, grants the customer the exclusive license for the final design of the cover. We provide the design in PDF, JPEG or other publishable format according to your needs. The customer agrees that he has no right to modify the finished design in any way. We will not provide the customer with fonts or source files. Another precision – it is not the covers of actual books that are used, but a painting of the bindings that are painted on the posts. Thank you! Cover design for stieg Larsson series by Peter Mendelsand My understanding of this part of the license is that your finished design can be greater than 600px x 800px if you integrate other elements and modify the design as a whole. The restriction means that you cannot use a stock media file yourself if it is larger than 600px x 800px. (C) Licensor has agreed to license Licensee to use the Product as the title page of an eBook as described below and under the terms set forth in this Agreement.


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