Apple Media Terms and Conditions Not Loading

3. Check iTunes payment settings If none of the above features work, the next option is to check your iTunes payment settings. In some cases, if the terms and conditions are changed, you may need to re-enter the security code of your payment options to make sure you meet them. This is done as follows: -> Tap your profile icon again, which is available in the upper right corner of the App Store screen. -> Tap your name. -> Select “Payment Information”. -> Update Security Code and tap Done. When should you click Cancel? The first time he says new conditions or if you have already opened the document? If your access is restricted, you understand that you will not be able to continue the acceptance process. This can happen if you have enabled the “Screen Time” feature on your device. Usually, this special feature is used as parental controls to protect children from harmful content and apps and prevent them from playing with device settings that could compromise the overall functionality. The Screen Time feature includes restrictions on any changes to your device, including acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

I also had this problem when I was using my primary iCloud account, and I tried the usual options to fix it. Then I remembered that I also had a secondary iCloud account that had been disabled. I reactivated this account, I accepted the new terms and conditions, and hey presto the problem on my main account was solved immediately. I clicked Cancel when it first entered new conditions and allowed me to update my apps. Whenever I try to download something from the App Store, it says “The terms and conditions of Apple Media services have changed” and I can`t agree with them as it would keep popping up. Sometimes, people with this problem could not access this contact page. So please contact Don`t report it as a podcasting issue – they don`t handle it – but as an inability to access the contact page. It has also been suggested that they should be tricked into looking at your Apple ID to clarify things.

Did anyone get the problem, I have three devices all stuck in these multimedia terms when you try to download something from the App Store, the terms and conditions keep coming back, I`m curious. No one mentioned the fact that Apple is forcing everyone to accept the new terms and conditions without giving us the right to object. apparently without giving us the opportunity to read them first or submit a 16-page document that most of us, even if we tend to do so, do not have time to read it; and did so under conditions where, as noted above, it was even necessary for some to explore how to accept this phantom compilation of legal language. Are you all conditioned to believe that no one ever has a choice, especially with Apple, that it doesn`t even bother you anymore, that although the vast majority never know what`s in it, Apple will use this document to eliminate most of the rights that every consumer, including you, would normally have against them as a merchant or sales platform without this ghost document? Sometimes, you may have problems with your iCloud password. Even you follow these steps if your iCloud account suddenly wants to re-enter your password only to never succeed with the steps provided. If you have a developer version or a version that you need to re-enter the iCloud password, you have never seen this fact in the terms and conditions. Or you can`t unsubscribe. Because you need to access the internet accounts and re-enter your password for your iCloud account.

Once you have followed the steps above to access and browse the iCloud Terms of Service, you should be able to see that the process has been completed and completed successfully. However, if you can`t go any further and get stuck on the same page, try checking the next set of methods. After that, repeat the acceptance process above. Can`t accept the updated iCloud Terms of Service on your Apple device? How can I accept the terms and conditions of Apple Media Service as stated in this article: In addition, the main purpose of this guide is to provide you with the immediate workarounds and permanent fixes that can be used to directly fix this issue. We`ve taken the liberty of organizing this article with any method ranging from the simplest to the most advanced, so you can check off the simple solutions first before jumping straight to the most robust solutions. I hope that after reading this article, we can help you solve the issue “Updated iCloud terms of use cannot be accepted”. Another possibility is that Apple services in your area have failed. Apple has servers spread across all parts of the world to avoid traffic jams, and from time to time there is maintenance. You should be able to check the status of online services. If the services in your area have failed (red dot), wait until they turn green.

After that, you should be able to go ahead and complete the new process of accepting iCloud business and terms. Hey, I think I`m good enough to use iOS. I was surprised to see this topic earlier, but I just tried to do it myself, and whether I scroll down to page 18 or not, I click Accept, click Accept again in the pop-up window and it goes straight back to the terms and conditions. I can`t get rid of it. Does anyone else have this problem? I have 4-5 apps that need to be updated on my iPhone 8 Plus and MacBook Air, but I can`t accept the new terms and conditions. When I click Update, I see the following message: “The Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed. To continue, you need to read the new terms and conditions. When I click OK, I`m redirected to a blank screen on my iPhone 8 Plus and MacBook Air where I can`t read or accept anything.

the same here! It is a loop after clicking on the terms and conditions. What must I do? Here too. I tried all the usual tricks from Apple. (You know, the one who tells you that the problem is on your side, not theirs..) Connect, disconnect, restart, restart hard, reconnect, reconnect, check date and time, reset network, reset completely, change country, accept term again, change country, change country, relearn conditions, cancel, etc. etc. Nothing works. Now that your operating system has been updated, you can now accept the new iCloud Terms of Service on your device. You should be able to continue and complete the process. If you`re not getting any new OS updates or haven`t reached the iCloud Terms of Service page yet, keep reading. .

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