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All subcontractors must sign the SUBCONTRACTOR SCOPE OF WORK/GERNERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. This 9 page document contains general terms that apply to all subcontractors. The General Terms and Conditions is part one of the two part work scopes program.  (Part two is trade specific, a sample roofing work scope is available for viewing below.)

Excerpts of the General Terms and Conditions document are below:



  • The terms and conditions set forth in this document will apply to any current or future work for the BUILDER by the SUBCONTRACTOR.
  • By starting the contracted portion of the work, the SUBCONTRACTOR indicates acceptance of prior work by others.
  •  The SUBCONTRACTOR shall be responsible to make all his/her agents or employees familiar with the specifications for the work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR shall be responsible to ensure his/her agents or employees are capable of performing the work as outlined in the plans and specifications.
    • The SUBCONTRACTOR shall be responsible for adequate safety training for all of his/her employees in the handling of materials and in the actions needed for safe  execution of the work and in recognition of the work completed and in process by others.


  • All work completed by the SUBCONTRACTOR will be performed in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with the plans and specifications.  Work must pass all applicable inspections including; State and/or Local and meet all Building Code requirements.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is deemed to know the requirements of the applicable Building Code(s) for the SUBCONTRACTOR’s “scope of work”.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR’s bid price is deemed to include all work and material required to comply with said Building Code(s).
  • Once the work has started, an assigned BUILDER representative shall have the authority to direct all the work for the BUILDER form start to finish.
  • SUBCONTRACTOR will not deliver or schedule delivery of any equipment or materials to the job site without the knowledge of the BUILDER.
  • Should there be any dispute regarding workmanship, details, etc., the matter will be resolved immediately by the BUILDER or his/her representative whose decision shall be final.






  • If the work is ready on the scheduled date and the SUBCONTRACTOR has not begun the work within ? days of the scheduled date and, further, has not come to an acceptable agreement with the BUILDER regarding the delay, the BUILDER may reschedule the work.
  •  If the SUBCONTRACTOR has started the work and the job sits idle with no activity for a ? hour period (excepting for adverse weather conditions), the BUILDER may have the balance of the work completed by others with the expenses for delays billed to the originally scheduled SUBCONTRACTOR or deducted from the bid amount from the work.


  • The job-site is to be left in a neat orderly and safe condition after each day’s work.
  • The job-site is to be left “broom clean” when the SUBCONTRACTOR’s work is completed.
  • The property around the job-site is to be free of litter (caused by the subcontractor) when the SUBCONTRACTOR’s work is completed.
  • All construction related trash is to be put in an on-site dumpster or taken to other BUILDER designated area.
  • All personal trash is to be taken off premises at end of each day.
  • All re-usable materials are to be stored neatly in a BUILDER designated area.
  • Clean-up by others after the SUBCONTRACTOR completed his work will result in a back-charge or hold-back to the SUBCONTRACTOR who did not clean up properly.






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