Scopes Window Poster

PolicySometimes small things can have a big impact. This poster was part of a follow-up to initiating work scopes. I created matching icons, spelled out the rules (fines) and taped one or two inside each house as soon as the windows were installed.

Before instituting this part of the work scopes program, a separate notice was sent to each contractor and vendor. The notice contained a copy of the poster and it explained when the policy would take effect. The notice also informed them that fines would be deducted from the invoicing party, even if the offender was their 1099 contractor. Contractors and venders were asked to review the policy with their employees and 1099ers if they used any.

Reception in the field was actually better than expected. Rather than creating a “big brother is watching” atmosphere, most were amused by the No Dumpster Diving icon.

We made sure our sales agents were aware of the window posters and they began to point them out to prospects when they were showing homes under construction. It created a positive awareness that the builder cared.

This is a simple project to create from scratch in-house. A template which includes the icons and sample text is also available.
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