Warranty Flipbook

Making it easy for your homeowners is a good reason to include a flipbook version of your limited warranty* on your Web Portal. What is a flipbook? Click on the icon “cover” to see an example.


You could add the additional 100+ pages of your limited warranty as links on your Web Portal  instead of a flipbook, but why go to the extra expense?

The flipbook allows anyone to easily flip through over 100 pages in seconds.  It allows zooming for easy reading and it allows printing of parts of the book if desired.

Having the limited warranty on the Web Portal is an important feature because it allows your customers access to legal information in addition to the help topics.

Flipbooks are easy to add.  If you have a PDF file of your limited warranty, you are halfway there. If you don’t have a PDF, I can assist you with alternatives.

*Always get permission from your HBA before posting these proprietary materials. Typically as a member, the limited warranty information is available for use by you and your customer. It will likely be considered fair use if you limit access to your Warranty Web Portal to only your homebuyers.

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