Where to Sign Ebay Billing Agreement

The invoice ID is a unique number assigned to the legal entity to which the account request is billed. A legal entity is the company or person with whom an account is registered. For simplicity, each AdWords account is assigned a unique billing ID that is used to process payment-related activities. On the desktop, there is a box that you need to check to accept PayPal billing – just below the Print Label button. Help me. I need to sign the eBay billing agreement and can`t find where to sign it. Please help. pages.ebay.com/help/sell/questions/selling-fees.html billing contracts. The billing contract feature allows customers to sign an agreement with the payment system and simplifies the payment process because customers don`t have to provide payment information over and over again. Thank you for all the information.

I know I`ve executed most of the instructions you published with my laptop using the Chrome browser. I printed two labels and paid the shipping costs via eBay on both labels. I think I have signed the agreement since I did. But I`m going to go through all the steps you mentioned and create another article with the results. Thanks again for all this information! To sign the billing contract, you need to use a PC, you can`t do it with a mobile device. This allows you to “sign” the billing contract. It doesn`t work from the mobile app. It can work from your mobile device using the desktop site (below). You can use your device`s browser to access eBay, just like you would on a desktop computer. Tap your device`s browser icon, tap the URL (address) line, enter the ebay.com/Enlarge page, and then tap Sign in once signed in. The steps to sign the billing agreement are as follows: A billing contract allows a seller to charge your account PayPal when you purchase items from them or use the service.

I can`t print shipping labels from my phone because I see a message that I haven`t signed the eBay billing contract yet. I`m constantly printing labels from the desktop, but I can`t find that agreement now, so I can print through the eBay app. I tried to print the shipping label from the mobile app twice. Both times, there is a pop-up message that says I need to sign the eBay Sales Agreement from my laptop. This agreement cannot be found on ebay from my laptop. A billing contract allows a seller to charge your account PayPal when you purchase items from them or use their service. An example of this would be an agreement to pay eBay selling fees for listing items on eBay. Billing methods are different from subscriptions. Once you`ve signed the agreement, you can use a mobile device to purchase labels.

I had the same problem but followed the instructions in one of the answers and he took care of the problem. This is what frustrates me with ebay, simple tasks that seem to be “hidden” where you are forced to chase the solution. No one has time for that! You`ll need to print your first shipping label on a PC in order to sign the agreement. After that, you can use the app again. 2. Don`t give me a message that I need to sign an agreement and can`t find it. | To cancel a billing contract, automatic recurring payment, or subscription, follow these steps: I`m a community volunteer, not an eBay employee. This is a member-to-member help forum. To get started, log in or create your PayPalBusiness account. Click Tools> Recurring Payments. You`ll be guided step-by-step through creating a signup button for your website so you can charge your customers for recurring invoices. I am available again for sale on eBay and received a message on my first sale to sign the eBay billing agreement.

I don`t know where to go to find this to print the shipping label. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance. Nannette If you`re trying to print your first shipping label, you`ll need to use a PC to sign the billing contract. When you shop with PayPal, you may receive an email from PayPal informing you that you have signed up for an approved payment plan with celery. This pre-approved payment plan temporarily authorizes Celery to charge your order at a later date. It is automatically cancelled when you pay for your order. I don`t know where it is in the app, but you can look for something similar. Ebay`s customer service says their Moblie app is still in development and uses my laptop to print labels “for now.” Was even put on hold while the customer service representative asked a supervisor. I came back with the same answer that the mobile app is still under development to provide more features and use my laptop to print labels.

Once you`ve created your account and verified all your bank details, you`ll find your account API details PayPal: 3. Don`t tell me I can print labels from my mobile app after printing my first label from my laptop if I can`t. 1. Don`t give me the option to print a label in the mobile app if I can`t. Your first label must be purchased using a PC browser. FYI. There are several other messages from other people who have encountered the same problem as me. And I couldn`t find any response to their messages.

I am sure some of them would have benefited from your response to my message. Thank you again for your time! It will appear when you buy the shipping label. Welcome to the tools board seller! You can discuss with other members the seller tools and best practices for using them. How to change the automatic payment method for your next invoice: Has anyone received a solution from Ebay? Or are you still stuck with your laptop/desktop to print labels? When you buy the label, there is a place to look. Check the box just below the “Print Label” button to accept payment via PayPal for your labels. 2 – Click the Tools tab at the top of the page, and then click All Tools. 4 – Click on the Show Saved Buttons link in the upper right corner of the window. 5 – Click on the link to the recurring payments dashboard on the right.

That`s all you need. You should now see a list of your subscriptions PayPal. In this case, a pre-approved payment will authorize the seller to invoice your order at a later date. Once your order is accepted, the pre-approved payment plan will be debited from your account. Cancel payment Log in to your PayPal account. 4. Don`t let customer service tell you that the mobile app is “still in the process” of having all the features available. I am a volunteer in the community and not an employee eBay.eBay does not read this forum. .

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