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Converting traditional paper forms to digital forms is easy, saves time and provides increased functionality. I’ve created digital forms for 30 day customer meetings, material orders, selection sheets, site safety evaluations and more. I like digital forms because they are always neat and have a professional appearance. And best of all; no one has to figure out my handwriting!


Consider the Final Inspection form: (above)

The table below compares the paper version to an electronic version.

 Final Inspection Form Paper version Electronic version
Platform Paper on a clipboard Word, Excel, OneNote file on a mobile device
Data entry method Pen on paper Stylus, texting or typing
Data  entry result Handwriting or printing Text
Entry concerns Interpreting handwriting tipos Typos
Database entry Manual – errors can occur Copy & paste – identical
Work order generation Only after interpretation, takes extra time and errors can occur Can be emailed immediately
Sign document With pen By inking – tablet/OneNote
Customer copy NCR paper Instant – OneNote
Value added features None Add check boxes to mark items complete
Add or delete rows as needed – there are always just enough
Add columns – to note contractor who will make correction
Reference/follow-up Have to track it down Can be viewed, updated 24/7 by entire project team (OneNote) or retrieved from electronic storage

If you haven’t  concerted your forms to digital, what are you waiting for?

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