Accomplished Construction Management

On this site you will find a number of initiatives I've developed and implemented to fill a specific need or to enhance an existing process. While primarily designed with contractors and builders in mind, these innovations are adaptable to any industry where: people need leadership,materials need to be managed and clients need to be satisfied.
A limited number of people get creative ideas, and few will ever turn an idea into a practical solution. As you will see from my portfolio, I bring solutions to the table and I have the necessary skills to get things done.

Accomplished Construction Management

References & Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years in the custom new home construction industry. From laborer to site supervisor, to a respected Operations Manager, he devotes himself to the position, in any situation, with a high degree of diligence. Pauls’ incredible leadership qualities, communication skills and connection with clients, coworkers and sub-contractors have never ceased to amaze me. While working to meet production deadlines he demonstrates remarkable organizational abilities. Fair and honest, he always conducts himself as a true professional…

~ Terry Town, Owner, Terry Town Painting

Several years ago I was invited to take part in team building meetings at Heritage Homes. Participants included the company owner, entire staff, a realtor and me. The series of meetings, developed and facilitated by Paul Baldwin, were both interesting and productive.

~ Joe Kelly, Outside Sales, 84 Lumber Co

Over 15 years it has been my great pleasure to work hand in hand with Paul Baldwin in various single-family & multi-family projects. His expertise in construction processes, building code, and his ability to communicate expectations has made our work seamless & our projects profitable. We have had many extensive relationships with builders in the Central New York area being in business for over half a century & Paul’s abilities as a Project Manager are second to none.

~ Jack Needle, President, Fleetwood Drywall

We had the pleasure of working with Paul during the construction of our home in Jamesville in 2001 and our cottage on DeRuyter Lake in 2013. We were extremely pleased with the work he performed and supervised. We found him to be readily accessible, patient, and understanding of our concerns. He was flexible and offered creative solutions to accommodate us. We would highly recommend him…

~ John Murad & Renee James, Repeat Homebuyers

I have known Paul many years...I have found him extremely knowledgeable in his field and very easy to work with.

~ Glenn Christopher, Manager, 84 Lumber Co

Paul is very good at saying what he means…Paul is a very organized and capable individual…Paul is very creative! He sees the big picture and has holistic pulse on things and people that I have come to appreciate...

~ Rebecca Newman, VP COO, Housing Visions

I have work with Paul for 11 years. He is certainly a man of integrity. His knowledge and experience in regards to situations and issues relative to the building and construction industry is second to none.

~ John D. Supervisor, Charles Electric, Heating & Air

Ron and I wish to thank you for another successful experience in building our second home ... Paul was always accessible and extremely easy to work with.

~ Ron & Lynn, New Home Buyers

Paul, I wanted let you know that it has been a pleasure working with you these past 15 years… As you know I design trusses for numerous builders in the Syracuse, NY market and there are very few such as yourself that will take the time to review and approve the truss drawings. Builders today will typically not take the time to work directly with a truss designer; more often than not they will point you in the direction of the framer or in many cases will offer no help at all. You are the exception to the rule. Not only would you take the time to review the drawings but also in many cases you offered suggestions that made for a superior roof design and a more cost effective system for your customers. I would also like to add that in situations where mistakes occurred that it was never an issue of who made the mistake but always what can we do to fix it and how can we make sure that it does not happen again. If all of my customers could handle problems in that fashion it would make for a much more enjoyable workday. Again, at the risk of sounding redundant, I have really enjoyed working with you…

~ Nate Peone, Fabco Building Components

I have worked in the building material business for 30 years...Paul has displayed more operational skill...than anyone I have ever worked with...

~ Joe Kelly, Outside Sales, 84 Lumber Co

I have worked with Paul Baldwin for over 20 years and have always found Paul to be a true professional with a passion for his work. Paul has worked for some of the best companies in the Homebuilding Industry. These companies were stronger when he left because of Paul’s contributions. Paul is an innovator; during his years in residential construction Paul employed quality control processes that I have typically only seen used in commercial construction. Besides having great ability and work ethic, Paul always has shown tremendous loyalty to the company he is working and sincere respect for the contractors he employs.

~ Rick Roach, President, Barnes & Cone

I had the pleasure of working with Paul for more than16 years. During that time he consistently demonstrated a desire and ability to protect the interests of Heritage Homes, while moving a project forward. Anticipating and solving potential problems before they reach crisis level is key to this process and one of Paul’s strong points. Maintaining a high level of professionalism through consistency and thorough documentation has served to raise the level of expectations for all parties involved. Holding parties accountable to a high standard, while team building and forming a strong working relationship with subcontractors, suppliers, and co-workers requires a number of key skills. Paul has proven worthy of that trust. His knowledge and professionalism has proven valuable throughout our years of working together.

~ Dan Bargabos, President, Heritage Homes
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