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Flipbooks — An Inexpensive Presentation

Sample Plumbing Specs

I like flipbooks. I like the way the page curls when you move the curser near the corner. I like the way the pages roll when turned.

(The quality of the sample at the left is less than good because the pages were scanned copies, not originals)

Since I found out they can be an easy DIY, in-house project, I like them even more. Oh, did I mention there is no cost to make them? Free! Who doesn’t like free?

Flipbooks can be used for many functional purposes. I’m sure, since they are both neat and free, you will come up with your own ideas. But, here are a few suggestions anyway:

  • Limited warranty
  • Manuals for furnace, water heater, thermostat, smoke/carbon dioxide detectors etc.
  • Option catalogue
  • Company brochure
  • Sales presentation
  • Specifications and scopes of work
  • Employee handbook
  • Safety program
  • Construction details

And a few more examples.

SOP REDACTEDProposed Basement Finish ProjectSAMPLE Roof Installation Specs


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