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Website — Can You Manage It?


 Do Not Fear Your Website – You Can Manage It Yourself…

I have modified a few PHP files, played around a little with CSS, and even moved a few files using FTP. I’m not an IT guy; what it takes me hours to do would take only minutes for a professional. I have done it to learn and to see how much a person can do on their own if they give it a try. It’s like tackling a new  do-it-yourself project around the house; it can be extremely rewarding!

What I’ve learned is WordPress is not just for blogs anymore! Some fantastic websites are based on the WordPress platform. There are thousands themes, plugins and widgets (think like the wallpaper and apps for your phone) available to help you achieve almost anything you want at very little cost.

The more you can do in-house, or on your own,the less you have to pay someone else to do. You learn and save money. How good is that?

I’m not trying to sell anyone on my web design abilities, but I wanted to draw attention to another facet of me which does not show up easily on a standard resume. I’m willing to try new things. This kind of endeavor is a risk, but the reward makes it a low risk; a good risk.

This very website was once occupied by demo version of a Homebuilder web site. The “demo” I created had over 150 active pages.

Integrity HH coverIn addition, the photo at the top of this post is a screen shot of my website: If you visit the wiki site, please note that all works authored by “Editor” were written by me.

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