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Visualizing the Kitchen

Kitchen 2 islands tempThe kitchen area in your high end model/spec looks empty and uninviting. It’s a huge part of  a brand new floor plan you are introducing. You want your future customer to have some say regarding the layout and style of the cabinets. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend the money for the cabinets yet.  What do you do?

You could tape up a couple of the kitchen designer’s 2020 drawings on the wall an hope prospects walking through could figure them out. Or, you could do what I did.

I bought some 4 x 8 x 1/4″ sheets of white foam board and cut the layout of the cabinets. I screwed the foam board over the unfinished oak flooring which had already been installed. The cabinet outline gave sense and perspective to the still open space: you could get a feel for the amount of space between the stove and the two islands, and how far it would be from the sink to the refrigerator. It is hard to imagine how that relatively simple act made such a huge difference!

Still, I was not satisfied. On glossy paper, I  then printed:

  • The 2020 drawings
  • Pictures of the planned appliances
  • A cabinet photo from the manufacturer

I mounted these on poster board and hung them on the walls.

I did this on a Wednesday. The house was sold, to a prospect seeing it for the first time, before the following Monday! TRUE STORY!!

Your results may vary. Probably will. What have you got to loose?

kitchen 2 islands

(Sorry, the photo card containing the pictures for this project was damaged  and I had to do a recreation)

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