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Winning Team or Just a Group of Employees?

WhiteboardSure, we all say we are part of the [state your company name] team. But are we really part of a team, or are we just a group of employees who work together? What’s the difference? If we are in fact a team, are we a winning team?

The reality is, a winning team is not formed by accident, hiring the “right” people, nor is it the by-product of singing Kumbaya  around the campfire at a retreat. A winning team is the result of conscious effort on the part of team members. It is a process.

…I was invited to take part in team building meetings at Heritage Homes. Participants included the company owner, entire staff, a realtor and me. The series of meetings, developed and facilitated by Paul, were both interesting and productive.

~ Joe Kelly, Outside Sales, 84 Lumber Co

Often times a company team is made up of smaller teams like; the production department, the office staff, sales and so on. Each team needs to:

  • Define its purpose, its mission or its goals
  • Establish who is on the team
  • Set or clarify team rules/responsibilities while integrating individual personalities
  • Manage performance
  • Evaluate productivity

Mission statements

A slogan and a mission statement are not the same thing. The purpose of mission statement is to ensure each team member knows why the team exists and how their role on the team can help make it happen.   If you have a mission statement does it provide direction for team members? Does each of your smaller teams have a mission statement of their own?

Why bother?

A lot of companies have been in survival mode for a while; if this is you – that’s one reason.

For others, business is just starting to pick up – that’s another reason.

Every company needs to be as efficient as possible. When team members are on the same page, winning teams make companies more productive. Productive companies are more profitable.

Look into creating (or improving) your winning team today!
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