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Most men’s restrooms are not dangerous places, but in some circumstances it may be wise to avoid potential trouble

Most men’s restrooms are not dangerous places, but in some circumstances it may be wise to avoid potential trouble

A Note on Safety It should be noted that if you are not yet being read as male on a regular basis, and/or if you are not feeling confident or safe about using the men’s room in any situation, it may be best to find another bathroom arrangement. If you are experiencing such issues around restroom use, you may want to seek out a single-stall bathroom when possible, or wait for either the men’s or the women’s room to empty out (whichever is safer and more appropriate for the situation), use the facilities quickly, and move on. In many situations, using the men’s room will be perfectly safe– it just pays to use caution when necessary.

Take the flexible plastic lid from a can of coffee grinds, or from a similar package (like a cottage cheese container or large yogurt tub), and cut away the lip so it is flat

Becoming Proficient with Stand-to-Pee Devices Using a stand-to-pee device usually takes some practice. Practice at home and have it down cold before trying it in a public men’s room. For your first few times trying out an STP device, you may wish to practice while standing undressed in the bathtub, so if you have leaks you won’t mess up your clothes or the floor. Once you have mastered the device in the tub, you can move on to trying it while undressed in front of the toilet at home to get used to aiming the device. Then try it in clothes in front of the toilet. Once you have mastered the use of the device, think about how you will carry it (if it is not an STP-packer), how you will discreetly put it in place, where you will put it when done, how you will keep it clean, etc. In other words, before you start to use the device in a public restroom, have a plan for how it will work. Do a few practice runs at home. The last thing you want to do is show up at the restroom, fumble with your STP device, and drop it in the toilet or in the urinal in front of you!

Keep in mind that there is no shame in using the stalls if you don’t want to use an STP device– though such devices can come in handy in situations when you would prefer to stand koko app hesap silme and pee, such as dirty restrooms, travel situations, or camping outdoors. Plenty of guys use the stalls, so don’t feel you have to stand if you don’t want to.

Coffee Can Lid/Flexible Plastic Disc This is a rather simple device that can be easily made at home. The lid needs to be flexible enough to roll into a funnel shape or a U-shape for use. Hold the funnel end/U-end far enough back so that you position it behind your urethral opening. Aim the pointed end down toward the toilet bowl, and pee. You will have to practice to get the hang of it. You can also experiment with trimming and rolling the device in a manner that works best for you. These devices are easy to carry and conceal in your back pocket, or even in a small pocket in your underwear. Very fine grit sandpaper can be used to smooth out any rough edges.

Some people trim/sand down any sharp edges they may find on their medicine spoon, or may otherwise modify it to suit their needs

Medicine Spoon Medicine spoons are small, inexpensive plastic devices that can be found at most pharmacies. The wider end of the spoon (the “scoop” end) is held against you, between the labia, to create a seal around the urethral opening. This is the end that you pee into. Cut off the tip at the other end (the handle of the spoon) at a 45 degree angle, so that the tip points downwards when the spoon end is up against you. This is the end the pee flows out of. You will have to practice at home to find the correct placement for the spoon so you don’t have leakage. Very fine grit sandpaper can be used to smooth out any rough edges.

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