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30+ Green Building Practices in Every New “BUILDER” Home

 green concepts2You Need to Take the Credit!

photoI’ll bet if you take time to go over the program requirements for Energy Star, LEEDS, and the NAHB Green Building Program, you’ll find there are dozens of green building features in every home you build. Just because many of them are required by Building and Energy codes doesn’t mean you should not get credit for them! And equally important, your customers should be aware they are helping the planet as well. I’ve pointed this out to sales and marketing in the past. They have an easy time converting information like the list below into great point of sale materials for displays, free brochures, and your website. Create your own pitch like this one…

“There are a number of energy programs such as; Energy Star, LEEDS, and the NAHB Green Building Program, available for homebuyers who want a greener home. But these programs always increase the cost of the home, causing it to take longer to get a return on the investment. At BUILDER HOMES we believe building a durable, energy efficient home that is considerate of resources should not cost more. That’s why we incorporate over 30 green building practices into every new home.”

…and take some credit!

No time to look these up for yourself? Contact me (no cost or obligation) and I will send you the list I find most builders do automatically. Be certain you do each item before you promote it!


During planning we:

  • Avoid environmentally sensitive areas when building
  • Establish a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist our green building efforts

We minimize environmental impacts by:

  • Using onsite supervision and coordination during clearing, grading, trenching operations

We reduce quantity of materials and waste by:

  • Using siding materials requiring no additional onsite finish resources

We enhance durability and reduce maintenance by:

  • Using recommended-sized roof overhangs on the front and back of our homes
  • Installing perimeter drain for basement footings
  • Installing drip edge at eave and gable roof edges
  • Diverting surface water from all sides of the home
  • Providing a water-resistive barrier behind the exterior stone veneer and siding
  • Installing ice flashing at roof‘s edge
  • Employing multiple flashing details

We increase resource efficiency by:

  • Using recycled-content building materials
  • Using materials manufactured from renewable resources
  • Using locally produced products

We increase energy efficiency by:

  • Incorporating an air sealing package to reduce infiltration
  • Installing a minimum R-20 exterior wall insulation
  • Insulating attic spaces with R-38 insulation
  • Insulating floor overhangs with R-30 insulation
  • Using Low E glass on all windows and use windows appropriate for local climate
  • Installing gas furnace greater than or equal to 88% (ENERGY STAR)
  • Installing SEER 13 A/C
  • Sealing ducts, plenums, equipment with UL 181 foil tapes and/or mastic
  • Installing CFL light bulbs in 50% of light fixtures

We reduce water usage by:

  • Installing ENERGY STAR® water-conserving appliances
  • Installing water-efficient shower head w/ aerator/venturi with flow rate 2.5 gpm or less
  • Installing water-efficient sink faucets/aerators 2.2 gpm or less

We improve indoor environmental quality by:

  • Using direct vent furnace and water heater
  • Installing space heating and water heating equip in an isolated mechanical room
  • Installing a direct vent, sealed-combustion gas fireplace
  • Ensuring a tightly-sealed door in between garage and living area w/ continuous air barrier
  • Installing a tightly sealed and insulated attic access panel
  • Using moisture resistant backer board under tiled surfaces in wet areas

We provide operation, maintenance, and homeowner education by:

  • Providing a home manual to owners covering the operation & care of their home
  • Instructing the homeowner about the building’s goals and provide an orientation walk through

We reduce global impact by:

  • Using low-VOC indoor paints


Do you hand out a “standard features” sheet to prospective buyer? Why not come up with a little “green” icon to put next to features that fit the bill?

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