About Me - an Introduction

meHi, my name is Paul Baldwin.  I consider this site is my extended resume.

My career to date has been focused around construction. I started my career as a laborer and, because of my work ethic, quickly became a superintendent for a national homebuilder. At age twenty-six, I built my own house, doing the majority of construction scopes myself. Since my early thirties, I have managed residential, commercial and site development projects as an Operations Manager or a Director of Construction.

I recognize that the success of any project is dependent on time, cost and quality. I have a solid reputation of honesty and integrity. I listen. I am a planner and a problem solver. Others have described me this way: “Professional”, “Sees the whole picture”, “Organized”, “Creative”, “Leader”

I have worn the hat of; laborer, subcontractor, superintendent, land development supervisor, warranty mechanic, warranty manager, sales rep, team-building facilitator, construction consultant, and Operations Manager and Director of Construction.   I work effectively with union and non-union contractors. My employers have included a national production builder, local custom builders, a US top 50 level sustainable housing developer, and an entrepreneurial homebuilder in Warsaw, Poland.

My experience has helped me to improve the logistics of construction/building by constantly refining and improving the systems and processes that builders and contractors use every day.  My work history has provided some great experiences and insights.  For example, working with a national homebuilding company helped develop organizational skills, working with custom builders helped me to think more outside of the box, working with sustainable housing honed skills in building science, and the work in Poland provided a reminder of the importance of good communication skills.

As you browse the pages on this site, consider how I might help you with your next project.

Thanks, Paul

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