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Good Ideas Have No Ownership

Innovation 5JPGThat is what I believe. Ideas are only a thought, they are useless until someone does something to make them into something. Good ideas are meant for building upon. Good ideas are meant for action. And I personally think good ideas are meant for sharing.

Some of the ideas on this site are original and some are variations of ideas that have been around in some form or another for a while. All of them are ideas that I have watched make a positive difference in the building process.

A majority of the resources on this site illustrate a solution to a common industry issue, or they represent a value added feature for a process or procedure (you may have) already in place.

Because there is typically no budget for experimental solutions, the templates and guides here are designed for easy in-house modification and adaption.

See something you like here? Take it and run with it. Good ideas have no ownership. Like an idea but want help to implement it? Contact me.

Like an idea but don’t want to handle a custom mod (modification)? Contact me.

Don’t see what your looking for? Contact me. Explain your issue; maybe I’ve got something new on the drawing board. I’m also willing to collaborate.

Taking an idea and turning  it into an innovative solution to solve a specific problem is just part of what I do.

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