Renewable Energy Tips

National Grid’s Renewable Energy Program

Support the development of renewable energy by participating in our GreenUp renewable energy program. GreenUp allows you to choose to have all or part of your electricity generated from renewable resources—while keeping us as your electricity supplier. We will continue to issue your bill and provide customer service.

By enrolling in GreenUp and purchasing a product from one of the participating GreenUp renewable energy companies, you are:

  • Supporting the development and generation of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, and hydro) in your community.
  • Helping to offset the environmental impact of the production of electricity from coal, gas, and nuclear energy.
  • Taking responsibility for your environment.

Learn more about Green Power in New York State (pdf) or visit*.

To Enroll in GreenUp

To be eligible to enroll, National Grid must be your electricity supplier and your account must be current.

  • Visit GreenUp Providers and choose one of the GreenUp renewable energy companies.
  • Enroll by contacting the GreenUp renewable energy company you selected.
  • When you enroll, you must provide the GreenUp company with your account number. The charge will be added as a separate line item on the supply portion of your bill.
  • Once enrolled in the GreenUp program, your participation will be cancelled if you sign up with a supplier or if your account falls sixty days in arrears.

If you decide to stop participating in GreenUp, simply notify your GreenUp renewable energy company directly. You will not be charged a termination fee, and you will continue to be a National Grid customer.

GreenUp Providers – To enroll, contact one of the providers below.

Company & Contact Biomass Solar Wind Small Hydro Additional Price per kWh
NewWind Energy® — Community Energy

Choose from two distinct product mixes:
Product Content Label 1 (pdf)
Product Content Label 2 (pdf)


Product Content Label (pdf)

100% 1.0¢
Green Mountain Energy Electricity®

Product Content Label (pdf)

10% 90% 1.6¢
Sterling Green™ from Sterling Planet

Choose 50%, 75% or 100% of your total usage.

Energy Content Label (pdf)

50% 50% 1.5¢


Please Note:

  • This information is subject to change—contact each provider to find out their most updated product mix and price.
  • Content labels provide information about the supplier’s company, such as energy sources and air emissions.  This information is provided to help you make a more informed choice.



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