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Selection Sheets — Make Them Interactive!

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One of your customers just made one simple change…

How much time is spent:

  • Processing and track the change order?
  • Updating the office file?
  • Updating the budget?
  • Updating the field file?
  • Updating the contractor/vendor?


The site superintendent knows Mrs. Jones, the customer job ABC-123, had mentioned  she might add hardwood floors in the family room.  He/she checks the field file and doesn’t see a change order. How much time is spent:

  • By the supervisor double checking with the office?
  • Revising the PO for time and material?
  • By the office checking the file and getting the information back to the field?

How much time is spent explaining the selection process after the Plans & Specs meeting?

How much time is spent when a customer calls to say a vendor forgot to install something or installed something in the wrong location?

Interactive Selections Sheets are the answer!

Interactive selection sheets are digital forms which contain the following information:

  • Contract Specifications
  • Notes – instructions, builder/contractor/customer notes
  • Approval (Status) boxes
  • Links to general selection information
  • Links to option information (when available)

Some selection sheets contain check boxes where the customer will choose between selections you provide. Some sheet will have highlighted blank spaces the customer to input their selections after having made their decision.

Based on the Microsoft’s  OneNoteTM  file sharing platform, the selection sheets can be shared with your staff members and customer. They are accessible 24/7 on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. They are always up to date and changes are easy to track. When the need arises, pages can be emailed (to a contractor for example) with just a click or a tap.

Interactive selection sheets  can be set up for builders/contractors who limit choices or set up for offering unlimited choices and options. Interactive selection sheets will increase customer satisfaction while saving time and money by reducing mistakes.

New Home Construction and Selections Guide

Interactive selection sheets are part of the New Home Construction and Selections Guide.  The Guide is like a digital a version of your customer/job file at the office except you don’t have to go looking for it and updated information is immediately available to all who have access.  The guide is built with tabbed sections that contain valuable information and aides that your customers will enthusiastically embrace.


The “Basics” section is your “New Construction 101”.

There is a who’s who page to introduce your team, and also pages with information about the Plans & Specs meeting, construction sequence, jobsite safety and more.


The “Questions” section is a good place to keep tack of questions that are asked as the construction progresses. Use it to keep customer concerns from falling through the cracks.


The “Options” section is a place to keep track of features the customer is considering adding to the contract. This is simply a list of options they’ve expressed an interest in. It serves as a reminder for follow-up conversations.

Change orders

In this section your policies and procedures for implementing changes are outlined. This is also a convenient place to record Change Orders that have been processed.


This section is the real substance of the guide. The categories in this section take your clients step by step through the entire construction process. Here, you’ll clarify all selections and specifications, one category at a time.


In this section you provide an overview of the Final Walk Thru Orientation. You can modify the Final Inspection Form, then use it on your mobile devise, email copies as soon as you are done with the walk thru.

You can even provide moving tips (The heavy lifting has already been done because the guide includes comprehensive moving tips).


You can include this section for user reference, or just delete it.

With some effort up front, you can provide a unique experience and a great benefit for your customers. You will save time and reduce construction errors.

So much more to promote!  The easiest way to do this is by taking a look at the demo. The file is large and may take some time to load the first time. Some functions are limited. Take look, if you have questions contact me.

A template for the guide is available. Training and setup assistance is available.

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