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Maintenance Checklist

listHere's another easy one. Provide a monthly maintenance chart.

Iclude as many routine owner maintenance items as possible. Include the things that are not covered by the limited warranty but show up on your 30, 60, 90 day and 1 year lists. The items should match what you have on your warranty website. Make it in the form of a checklist and it should fit on the front of a letter or legal sheet of paper. On the back of the paper, print the summary of your warranty procedures (also from your warranty website).

Print the checklists and get them laminated. Laminate just a few incase you want to modify the list over time. You can also experiment with the paper weight to achieve the quality you are looking for. Card stock is more expensive, but the "feel" may be worth it.

Using Velcro,  gently attach one of the checklists inside a kitchen wall cabinet door. Add a dry erase marker if you want.

Point out the list during the final walk-thru and orientation. Pull it off and point out the warranty procedures on the back.

Let your customer know they can move relocate the list wherever they want, but a maintenance program and log is important, as is knowing where to find emergency numbers and reporting procedures.

The more times the owner is gently reminded that owner maintenance is required, the more agreeable they will be if you have to point it out in the future.

Simple right?!

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