How to Implement

checklistBefore implementing a work scopes program, you must decide if your building team will do the inspections, or if your subs will self inspect.  Read: Self Inspect vs Builder Inspect here

  • Review your work scopes and make any needed changes. Do you need to add photos or sketches to help make details more clear?
  • Print the work scopes and set them in binders for all who need them; Field Supervisor(s), Project Manager(s), Operations Manager, Purchasing, Construction Coordinator, Owner, Accounts Payable, etc. For the field, I like extra sturdy 3 ring binders with plastic page protectors. You can decide if alphabetical order or construction sequence order is best for your team.
  • Have a meeting with your staff. Review their roles with the work scopes; who does what, when, where, and how. Set consequences for not following through – once, twice, three times. Make it clear you mean business.
  • Set a starting date. It might be helpful to go job by job and select the starting phase for that house. Print the list and give copies to each team member.
  • Send a copy of the list to each sub and vendor. Also indicate that ALL new work will be inspected according to the new work scopes.
  • Set a time period (1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks, etc.) to check all invoices received under the new rules. Check the completed forms against the actual work. (If you can’t do this yourself, find someone knowledgeable to do it, but it should not be one of the field persons who were responsible for them.)
  • Initiate a first warning where appropriate.
  • Repeat the process after another week to ten days
  • Initiate first and/or second warnings as needed.
  • Wait about two weeks and repeat again. You will know who the weak players are at this point. Do what you know you must to keep improving.
  • You will now need to decide how often to repeat the re-inspections, but they are a must to keep your work scopes program viable.
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