Warranty Specs/Actionable Issues

Warranty specs that match up with your Standards of Performance (SOP) are color coded Blue. These are listed at the top of each page so it is easy to see what is “covered”.

In bold print at the top of the page is are the article reference numbers from the SOP. Listing the article numbers here makes it easy for homeowners to find them. The article numbers are a required part of the issue reporting procedure. Homeowners can take note of the numbers or just copy and paste them into the Warranty Claim Form.

Operator’s Manual – Cabinets section example:

Performance Standards HBR articles 16-12, 16-13, 16-15  

Alignment – Cabinet frames more than 1/8 inch out of line, and cabinet height more than 1/8 inch to adjacent cabinets are subject to corrective measure, only if noted on final walk through form (1/8″ = 2 pennies).

Warping – Cabinet door or drawer warping shall not exceed 1/4 inch (1/4″= 4 pennies).

Wood Grain – Noticeable variations in wood grain and color are normal in all wood or wood veneer selections. Replacements are not made due to such variations.

For actionable issues, Builder responsibilities are coded in Red at the bottom of each page. This makes it easy for a homeowner to learn if any actions are warranted by the Builder to resolve an issue.

Operator’s Manual – Cabinets section example:

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the final walk through, we confirm that all cabinet parts are installed in accordance with the performance standard and that their surfaces are in acceptable condition.

BUILDER will correct any cabinet doors not meeting the performance standard due to warping, one time during the warranty period.  Color or shading may be different.

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