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Warranty Web PortalThe Warranty Web Portal is a value added service for your customers, a time saver for the front office, and a cost savings tool that needs little upkeep to continue providing benefits. As a standalone site or as an addition to your existing web, this homebuyer warranty tool provides your customers a simple yet feature rich interface that provides:

  • A –Z Topics – Makes it easy for homeowners to find desired information
  • Warranty Specs – Article reference numbers and warranty details from the Standards of Performance (SOP)
  • Link to SOP – Conveniently link to electronic version of your SOP
  • Notes and Info – Notes from the SOP plus ‘care and use’ homeowner operation and maintenance information
  • Green Tips – Tips on greener living and maintenance
  • Action Items – Spells out, per the SOP, what conditions are covered by limited warranty
  • Claim Form – Customer must provide all information you require on this password protected form
  • Maintenance Schedule – A general month by month guide to routine owner maintenance
  • Maintenance Kit – List of tools and supplies every homeowner should have on hand for basic repairs
  • Do It Yourself Videos – Cover common tasks that are owner maintenance responsibilities
  • Yellow Pages – Resources for your homeowners and revenue source for you
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A – Z Topics Make Finding What You Want EZ

Many Homebuilder Association (HBA) limited warranty manuals are, obviously written by builders (and their attorneys) so the end product is often not all that easy for a homeowner to find the information they are looking for. The Web Portal is constructed with both the homeowner and the homebuilder in mind.

Many HBA limited warranty booklets are divided into topic section base on the order of construction process. I review these topics, logically separate them and re-list them in ascending, A- Z, good old alphabetical order. Take a look at the topics content page on the sample Web Portal site:

How easy do you think it will be for a homebuyer to know where to find out about warranty coverage for her carpets? How about your receptionist? People like to take the easy way every time. First off, they have to find their copy of the limited warranty. Then they have to find the section they need. Wait…the home owner stopped at; looking for their warranty book!

The easiest thing for a homeowner to do is call your office.  How much time is going to be lost before getting the call to the person who will provide the correct warranty information to the homeowner?   How much more time is going to be lost when the homeowner is told “that’s not covered”?

What’s the solution? Make it easy.  A web based warranty manual is better than a paper booklet because it can be accessed anywhere any time. A – Z topic listings make finding things easy.
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