Do It Yourself Maintenance Videos

We have assembled several short instructional videos to show the ease of performing some routine new home maintenance tasks.

Each video:

  • Reviews the warranty and performance standards
  • Outlines the degree of difficulty and time needed
  • Provides a list of materials needed
  • Shows step by step procedures and instructions for completing the task.


Title: Concrete Crack Repair
Topics: Filling cracks that develop in flat concrete surfaces such as;
  basement, garage and porch floors


Title: Door Edge Crack Repair
Topics: Filling cracks that develop at the edges of interior doors;
  Near the latch bolt, striker plate or hinges


Title: Foundation Crack Repair
Topics: Filling cracks that develop in concrete block foundation walls; inside and outside  


Title: Grout Crack Repair
Topics: Countertops/backsplash grout crack repair
  Tub/shower wall grout crack repair
  Tub/shower base grout crack repair
  Tub/tub deck grout crack repair
  Floor grout crack repair


Title: Hardwood Floor Crack Repair
Topics: Gaps that appear between hardwood flooring boards  


Title: Trim & Molding Separation Repair
Topics: Crown molding separation repair
  Door & window trim separation repair
  Baseboard  molding separation repair


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