A - Z Operator's Manual

How to use the A – Z Operator’s Manual


Each section of the manuais laid out as follows:

Bold Blue:  At the top of each category page you will find the Standards of Performance article reference (copy this to paste in the Notice of Warranty Claim Form)

Link to the HBR of CNY Performance Standards and Limited Warranty book

Blue: Performance standard and amount (time) of limited warranty coverage

Black: Notes

Black: Homeowner maintenance information

Green: Green Living tips

RedBUILDER will act upon these items

The sections are listed in alphabetical order so they are easier to find

Links to the sections are listed to the left

A link to the clain notice form is at the left. The form is password protected, so you will need to get that from us before you can access it.

Use the notes and homeowner maintenance information to learn how to better protect your investment



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