Performance Standard: HBR articles 21-1 to 21-4   Click icon to view book   SOP REDACTED

Structural members in a deck shall be sized, and fasteners spaced, according to appropriate building codes, National Forest Products Association span tables.

Spacing on opposite sides of the individual deck boards shall not differ in average width by more than 3/16 inch.

Slivers: Exposed wood deck railings shall not contain slivers longer than 1/8 inch at the time of final inspection.

Fastener heads shall not protrude from the floor of the wood deck at the time of the final inspection.


All wood components including; frame structure, deck boards, railings and stairs will contain imperfections such as knots, checks and warping. So long as the imperfection does not prevent the component from performing its intended function it shall not be covered by the warranty.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Wood Deck Maintenance

Wood decks add to the style and function of your home and are a high maintenance part of your home’s exterior.

Effects of Exposure – Wood decks are subject to shrinkage, cracking, splitting, cupping, and twisting. Slivers can develop from weathering of wood. Nails or screws may work lose and will need routine maintenance. Plan to inspect your deck regularly, a minimum of once each year, and provide needed attention promptly to maintain an attractive appearance and reduce costly repairs.

Sealing or Water Repellent – To prolong the life and beauty of your deck, treat it annually with a water repellent or wood preservative. This should be done within six months of your moving into your home.  Local home centers or hardware stores offer many products for cleaning and sealing your wood deck. Always follow manufacturer directions carefully.

Composite Deck Maintenance

Cleaning – Although composite deck products are low-maintenance, most manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning of your composite deck to help maintain the beauty of the product. For best results a cleaner like eco-friendly Corte Clean ( or Zinsser’s JOMAX ( that contains or is mixed with Sodium Hypoclorite. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.

Power washing will enhance results when cleaning your composite deck. 1,500 PSI is the recommended maximum for composite products. A fan tip nozzle should be used along with the proper cleaning product. Spray in the direction of the brush/grain pattern to avoid damaging your decking. Use caution not to damage the material and always take the proper safety precautions when operating a power washer.

Aluminum Deck Maintenance

Cleaning – As with many coated surfaces, regular cleaning will extend the life of the surface and retain its appearance.  Cleaning should be conducted routinely at three month intervals and six months should be considered the longest interval.

Clean with a dilute solution of mild liquid detergent and warm water. Avoid excessively hot solutions. Automotive based car wash detergents and standard deck cleaning detergents can also be used. Be sure to read all manufactures directions to make sure it is safe for use on painted surfaces.  It is recommended that a small test area be checked first.  Use a soft bristle brush. Do not use abrasive tools on the coating.  After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.  Ensure that areas that are not normally exposed to rain are washed and rinsed also.

An electric pressure washer may also aid in cleaning. The use of a pressure washer with a greater than 1,500 PSI and/or applied closer than 10″ from the deck surface could damage the powder coat surface.

Do not use strong solvent type cleaners. Where the use of solvent is required, such as cleaning paint spills, use nothing other than Methylated Spirits (commonly called denatured alcohol) .  Ensure that the contact time is as short as possible, and rinse the solvent cleaner thoroughly from the surface with copious amounts of fresh water.  It is strongly recommended that a small test area be checked first, to ensure that no damage will occur to the whole area.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

Structural elements, board spacing, fastener heads, and rough edges will meet the performance standard.

Color Variation – Color variations are inherent in decking products and are excluded from limited warranty coverage.

Replacement Boards or Rails – Shrinkage, cracking, splitting, cupping, and twisting are natural occurrences in wood decks and are excluded from limited warranty coverage.  BUILDER does not provide corrections when problems occur due to lack of normal maintenance.  In extreme situations where personal safety is involved, BUILDER may provide replacement of boards or rails. The new material will not match existing pieces that have been exposed to elements and use.


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