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Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Cleaning – If your home includes gutters, check them at least once a year and remove leaves or other debris. Materials that accumulate in gutters can slow water drainage from the roof, cause overflows, and clog the downspouts.

Extensions – Extensions should discharge outside of rock or bark beds so that water is not dammed behind edging materials.

Extensions should extend 3-5 feet past the house foundation.

Leaks – If a joint between sections of gutter drips, caulk the inside joint using a commercial gutter caulking compound available at hardware stores and home centers.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

Gutters over 3 feet long are installed with a slight slope so that roof water will flow to the downspouts.

Leaks – We correct leaks that occur during the warranty period.

Overflow – Gutters may overflow during periods of excessively heavy rain. This is expected and requires no repair.

Standing Water – Small amounts of water (up to one inch) will stand for short periods of time in gutters immediately after rain. No correction is required for this condition.


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