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Performance Standard: HBR articles 16-22 to 16-25   Click icon to view book SOP REDACTED

“Thin paint” – The surface being painted shall not show through new paint when viewed from a distance of 6 feet under normal lighting conditions.

CORRECTIVE MEASURE: The builder will recoat as necessary to meet the guideline (if defect is noted on the final walk through form) and match surrounding areas as closely as practical when standard colors are used.

NOTE: Custom or deep color tones will not meet this standard.

Warranty period: NONE


Paint selection information was provided in your Final Walk Through folder.

Because of changes in the formula for paint (such as the elimination of lead and lower VOCs to make paints environmentally friendly), painted surfaces must be washed gently using mild soap and as little water as possible. Avoid abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, or scrub brushes. Flat paints show washing marks more easily than gloss paints; however, they touch-up better. Often better results come from touching up  flat paints rather than washing them.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Colors – A copy of the paint color selections for your house was provided with your final walk-through materials.

Touch-Up – When doing paint touch-ups, use a small brush or roller, applying paint only to the damaged spot. Touch-up may not match the surrounding area exactly, even if the same paint mix is used. When it is time to repaint a room, prepare the wall surfaces first by cleaning with a mild soap and water mixture or another reliable cleaning product.

We provide a small amount of touch-up paint for paints used in your home. Store these with the lids tightly in place and in a location where they are not subjected to extreme temperatures.

Wall Cracks – We suggest that you wait until after the first heating season to repair drywall cracks or other separations due to shrinkage.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

BUILDER will touch up paint as indicated on the final walk through list. You are responsible for all subsequent touch-up, except painting we perform as part of another warranty repair.

Touch-Ups may be Visible – Interior paint touch-up may be visible under certain lighting conditions.  Our goal is that touch-ups are not noticeable under normal lighting conditions, looking straight on at distance of 6 feet, however this is not always possible.


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