Molding & Trim

Performance Standard: HBR articles 16-8 to 16-11   Click icon to view book   SOP REDACTED

Gaps in trim shall not exceed 1/8 inch (1/8″ = 2 pennies).

Warranty period: 1 year

Defects noted on the final walk through will be corrected.

Warranty period: None


Shrinkage of wood trim occurs during the first two years or longer, depending on temperature and humidity. All lumber is more vulnerable to shrinkage during the heating season. Maintaining a moderate and stable temperature helps to minimize the effects of shrinkage. Wood will shrink less lengthwise than across the grain.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Cracks & Gaps – Wood shrinkage can result in separation at joints of trim pieces. You can usually correct this with caulking and touch-up painting.

Shrinkage may also cause a piece of trim to pull away from the wall. Gaps from hairline sized to 3/16” can be corrected with caulk.  For larger cracks, drive in another nail close to, but not exactly in, the existing nail hole. Fill the old nail hole with putty and touch up with paint as needed. If the base shoe (small trim between base molding and the floor) appears to be lifting from the floor, this is probably due to slight shrinkage of the floor joists below. Again, you can correct this condition by removing the old nails and re-nailing. You may prefer to wait until after the first heating season and make any needed repairs at one time, prior redecorating.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

BUILDER will correct damage noted at the final walk through.

Gaps in Trim – BUILDER will caulk any molding and joint that exceeds 1/8” (the width of two pennies) one time only.  It is usually best to wait until just before the one year mark to address these gaps.  Please note that the replacement of paint, wallpaper, wall or floor coverings are not included.


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