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Performance Standard: HBR articles 8-1 to 8-7   Click icon to view book    SOP REDACTED

NOTE: Any storm door installation voids the warranty on the exterior door, including plastic molding.

Warping and/or bowing of exterior steel doors – A phenomenon called a thermal bow may occur during extremely cold winter conditions. It is not provided for in the Manufacturer’s Warranty, since it is only a temporary condition.


Doors and locks will function as intended.

Finishes on door hardware are covered by manufacturer’s warranty only. CORRECTIVE MEASURE: NONE

Sliding patio doors and screens shall slide properly on their tracks at the time of final inspection.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Hinges – You can remedy a squeaky door hinge by removing the hinge pin and applying a silicone lubricant to it. Avoid using oil, as it can gum up or attract dirt. Graphite works well as a lubricant but can create a gray smudge on the door or floor covering beneath the hinge if too much is applied.

Locks – Lubricate door locks with graphite or other waterproof lubricant. Avoid oil, as it will gum up.

It is sometimes necessary to adjust the strike plate location to allow proper engagement of the lock bolt and dead bolt.

Weather Stripping – Weather stripping and exterior door thresholds will require adjustment or replacement over time, in order to maintain an effective weather seal.  Many exterior doors have an adjustable bottom threshold which can be raised or lowered to create the best balance between ease of operation and weather tightness.   Replacements weather strips can be purchased at some home centers, or at 84 Lumber Company.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the final walk through we confirm that all doors are in acceptable condition and correctly adjusted. BUILDER will adjust and/or repair construction damage to doors noted at the final walk through.


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