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Roof leak resulting from installation issue.

Warranty period: 1 year

Raised nails shall be repaired.

Warranty period: 1 year

Exposed nails shall be sealed.

Warranty period: 1 year

Roof leak resulting from wind or storm damage – The homeowner should contact his insurance agent in the case of wind damage caused by storms. THIS IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUILDER AT ANY TIME..

Warranty period: NONE

Leak resulting from ice dam – This condition can occur naturally due to Central New York winter weather. Prevention of ice build-up on the roof is an owner maintenance responsibility. Your Builder is not responsible for ice damming.

Warranty period: NONE

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Condensation – in attic – Condensation may occur when warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface.  We provide ventilation for air circulation by using ridge vents or louvers placed in gables and/or eave and roof peaks.  Passive venting systems such as ridge vents rely on air currents to pull fresh air into the soffit and exhaust warm moist attic air from the ridge vent on the top of the roof.  These systems work well except when the vents become covered with snow for a period of time.  When this happens, air in the attic is not vented to the outside, and this can cause condensation to build up in the attic.  This does not happen on every home, or even during every winter.  One possible solution to this condition is the installation of attic ventilation fans.  These fans can be set to automatically come on when either the temperature or the humidity in the attic get too high. Installation of an attic fan is a homeowner responsibility.

Ice Dam – On occasion, depending on conditions and exposure, as rising heat from inside your home melts snow on the roof, the water runs down and when it reaches the cold eaves, it may freeze. An accumulation of this type, called an ice dam, blocks the subsequent runoff and the water begins to back up, sometimes working its way up and under shingles, ultimately leading into you home through windows or ceilings.

If your home design or orientation makes it vulnerable to this occurrence, you may want to install an attic fan or electric gutter heater strip in the susceptible areas.  Installation of attic fans or gutter heat strips is a homeowner responsibility.

Icicles – Large icicles can be dangerous to people and property.  They should be removed by a professional.  Large icicles are not necessarily caused by faulty roof installation or lack of insulation.

Leaks – If a leak occurs, try to detect the exact location. This will greatly simplify finding the area that requires repair when the roof is dry.  If a leak should occur after the one year Warranty Period, the Home Owner should contact a qualified roofer to make the repair; if done promptly after the roofing material has dried, the cost will be far less than if the job is postponed.

Severe Weather – After severe storms, do a visual inspection of the roof for damages. Notify your insurance company if you find pieces of shingle in the yard or shingle edges lifted on the roof.  Heritage Homes is not responsible for leaks due to snow or rain driven into attics through louvers or vents.

Shingle Failure – Notify the shingle manufacturer directly if you have concerns of premature shingle failure.

Roof Leak Troubleshooting Tips:

Please keep in mind that roof leaks cannot be repaired while the roof is wet. However, you can get on the schedule for repair when conditions dry out, so do call in if you discover a roof leak.

Confirm the source of the water is the roof rather than from;

  • Plumbing leak
  • Open window on a higher floor
  • Ice dam
  • Clogged gutter or downspout
  • Blowing rain or snow coming in through code required roof vents
  • Gap in caulking

Where practical, place a container under dripping water.

If a ceiling is involved, use a screwdriver to poke a small hole in the drywall to release the water.

Even if the troubleshooting tips do not identify a solution, the information you gather will be useful to the service provider you call.

Remove personal belongings to prevent damage to them. If damage occurs, contact your homeowner insurance company to submit a claim.

Report the leak to BUILDER during first available business hours.

Manufacturer’s warranty:  Link to roof shingle warranty

Venting pictorial

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

BUILDER will repair roof leaks caused by installation deficiencies within the warranty period.  Roof repairs are made only when the roof is dry.

Ice Dam – An ice build-up (ice dam) may develop in the eaves during extended periods of cold and snow. Your homeowner insurance may cover this damage which is excluded from warranty.

Inclement Weather – Storm damage is excluded from warranty coverage. Notify your homeowner insurance company if storm damage is discovered.


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