Vinyl Floors

Performance Standard: HBR articles 17-5 to 17-10   Click icon to view book   SOP REDACTED

Gaps in excess of 1/16 inch where resilient flooring pieces meet, or 1/8 inch where resilient flooring meets another material should not be present. (1 penny = 1/16″, 2 pennies = 1/8″)

Warranty period: 1 year

Nail pops, underlayment ridging, misaligned patterns – will be addressed only if noted on the Final Walk Through form.

Warranty period: NONE


Refer to your completed quote from the vinyl floor supplier for your vinyl flooring selection information.

Although resilient floors are designed for minimum care, they do have maintenance needs. Follow any manufacturer’s specific recommendations for care and cleaning. Some resilient floors require regular application of a good floor finish. This assures you of retaining a high gloss. However, avoid using cleaning or finishing agents on the new floor until the adhesive has thoroughly set. This will take about two weeks.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Limit Water – Wipe up spills and vacuum crumbs instead of washing resilient floors frequently with water. Limit mopping or washing with water; excessive amounts of water on resilient floors can penetrate seams and get under edges, causing the material to lift and curl.

Moving Furniture – Moving appliances across resilient floor covering can result in tears and wrinkles. Install coasters on furniture legs to prevent permanent damage. If you damage the resilient floor, you can have it successfully patched by professionals. If any scraps remain when installation of your floor covering is complete, we leave them in the hope that having the matching dye lot will make such repairs less apparent.

No-Wax Flooring – The resilient flooring installed in your home is the no-wax type. No-wax means a clear, tough coating that provides both a shiny appearance and a durable surface. However, even this surface will scuff or mark. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining the finish.

Raised Nail Heads – Raised nail heads are the result of movements of the floor joist caused by natural shrinkage and deflection. We have used special nails and glued the underlayments to help minimize this movement. If a nail head becomes visible through resilient flooring, place a block of wood over it and hit the block with a hammer to reset the nail.

RidgesBUILDER has sanded and filled the joints of underlayments to minimize the possibility of ridges showing through resilient floor coverings.   Ridging is an unpreventable occurrence due to the necessity of using 4’ x 8’ sheets of underlayment.

Seams – Seam lifting, bubbling or ungluing are caused by expansion and/or contraction, not defective materials or workmanship.  The conditions are easily repaired by using a clear silicone, spread very thin, then pressing the two together, clean all excess off linoleum with a paper towel and weigh down, if necessary, until set.  If condition is due to water seepage, dry area out with a hair dryer or fan, then follow the same instructions as above.  Make these repairs immediately or material can be ripped or may curl, making the repair more difficult.  NOTE: Apply scotch tape immediately to protect edges until you are able to make repair.  Avoid getting large amounts of water on the floor from baths and showers.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

We will confirm that vinyl floor covering is in acceptable condition during your final walk through. BUILDER’s limited warranty does not cover damage to vinyl floors caused by moving furniture or appliances into the home. We can assist you in contacting professionals who can repair such damage if it occurs in your home. BUILDER is not responsible for discontinued selections.

Seams – Seams will occur and are sealed at the time of installation. BUILDER will correct gaps in excess of 1/16 inch where resilient flooring pieces meet or 1/8 inch where resilient flooring meets another material. BUILDER will correct curling at seams during the warranty period, unless caused by excessive water.


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