Mirrors & Glass

Performance Standard: HBR article 7-2   Click icon to view book   SOP REDACTED

Glass or mirror surfaces shall not have scratches visible from 6 feet under normal lighting conditions. Defects noted at the final walk through will be corrected.

Warranty period: NONE

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

To clean your mirrors use any reliable liquid glass cleaner or polisher available at most hardware or grocery stores. Avoid acidic cleaners and splashing water under the mirror; either can cause the silvering to deteriorate. Acidic cleaners are usually those that contain ammonia or vinegar. Avoid getting glass cleaners on plumbing fixtures as some formulas can deteriorate the finish.

Greener Living Tip

Mirror cleaner – Fill spray bottle with 1/4 cup of white vinegar then fill to the top with water. Shake bottle to combine. Spray on the surface. Rub with a lint-free rag or a torn and wadded up newspaper page.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

BUILDER will correct scratches, chips, or other damage to mirrors and/or glass noted during the final walk through form.


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