Shower Doors

Performance Standard:  HBR article: none listed

Defects noted on the final walk through will be corrected.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

Caulking – Check for cracked or missing caulk at joints and replace as needed.

Daily Care – Shower doors and tub enclosures require minimal care. Using a squeegee to remove water after a bath or shower will keep mineral residue and soap film to a minimum.  For the most part, washing with clean water and drying with a soft cloth is the preferred method of cleaning your shower doors.

Use cleaning products suggested by the manufacturer to avoid any damage to the trim and hardware.  Comet has been tested and is recommended by our glass supplier.  Do not use scouring pads, sharp instruments, or acid based cleaners to clean your glass.

Avoid hanging wet towels on corners of doors; the weight can pull the door out of alignment and cause it to leak.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

BUILDER will correct items noted on the final walk through.


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