Doors - interior

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Doors and locks will function as intended

Bifold doors and Pocket doors not functioning properly must be noted at the final walk through.

Homeowner Operation and Maintenance

The doors installed in your home are subject to shrinkage and warping. Natural fluctuations caused by humidity and the use of forced air furnaces, showers, and dishwashers, means interior doors of all types may occasionally require minor adjustments.

Bi-fold and Pocket Doors – Interior bi-folds sometimes stick because of the conditions noted above. Apply a silicone lubricant to the tracks to minimize this inconvenience.

Cracks –  Repair minor cracks at door bolt, hinge or strike locations with caulk.

Hinges – You can remedy a squeaky door hinge by removing the hinge pin and applying a silicone lubricant to it. Avoid using oil, as it can gum up or attract dirt. Graphite works well as a lubricant but can create a gray smudge on the door or floor covering beneath the hinge if too much is applied.

Locks – It is sometimes necessary to adjust the strike plate location to allow proper engagement of the lock bolt

Privacy Lock Keys – Keep a duplicate privacy lock key where children cannot reach it in the event a youngster locks him- or herself in a room. The top edge of the door casing is often used as a place to keep the key. A small screwdriver or straightened paper clip can also open some types of privacy locks.

Shrinkage – Use latex caulk to fill any minor separations that develop at mitered joints in door trim. Follow with painting, if necessary. Panels of wood doors shrink and expand in response to changes in temperature and humidity. Touching up the paint or stain on unfinished exposed door panels is a home maintenance responsibility.

Slamming – Slamming doors can damage both doors and jambs and can even cause cracking in walls. Hollow-core doors can be severely damaged by slamming by force or by wind.

BUILDER Limited Warranty Guidelines

During the final walk through we confirm that all doors are in acceptable condition and correctly adjusted. BUILDER will repair damage to doors noted at that time.

Because of normal settling of the home, some doors may require adjustment for proper operation. BUILDER will make adjustments during the warranty period.


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